Laplace launches third-generation low-pressure gaseous source boron diffusion equipment for 180+/210

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Montpellier, which is known as the 'City of Sunshine', has a rare heavy snowfall. The old man who devoted his life to researching semiconductor heat treatment equipment seems to have seen the grand picture of his lifelong development in China, as the world's first The old man who invented the low-pressure and high-temperature processing equipment decided to cooperate with Shenzhen Laplace Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and is committed to becoming a leader in domestic high-end manufacturing equipment and solutions in the field of semiconductors and photovoltaics.


At present, the photovoltaic industry has been turned upside down. The star technology star companies in various links are emerging in an endless stream, the next generation of new battery technology has become the focus, and the time to witness LAPLACE is coming.

Let us fight for the day and night together and live up to Shaohua.


The headquarters and high-end equipment research institute of Shenzhen Laplace Energy Technology Co., Ltd. are located in Shenzhen. At present, Wuxi, Jiangsu is building a semiconductor and photovoltaic high-end equipment manufacturing base of more than 100,000 square meters. The company has more than 130 employees, including 6 doctors and 5 masters, and technical R&D personnel account for more than 55% of the total employees. The company's high-end equipment research institute has a core R&D team including 9 foreign experts and 6 doctors.

The products mainly cover the low pressure horizontal diffusion system (including boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation and annealing) (reduced pressure boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation and annealing system), low pressure chemical vapor deposition horizontal coating system (low pressure chemical vapor deposition-LPCVD )、Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition (PEALD) and other high-end manufacturing equipment and related supporting automation systems and industrial Internet cloud platform.


Products: Low-pressure horizontal diffusion system (including boron diffusion, phosphorus diffusion, oxidation, annealing)



Low-pressure boron/phosphorus diffusion is an N/P type doping technology widely used in the semiconductor industry and photovoltaic industry, used to form PN junctions with desired electrical characteristics. At present, it is mainly used in PERC and TOPCon battery technology in the photovoltaic industry. TOPCon has developed rapidly due to its ultra-high conversion efficiency and no LID attenuation. However, the boron expansion process used by TOPCon technology has been difficult to prepare, high temperature, long time, and high equipment maintenance and use costs, so it has been Take imported equipment as the main equipment acquisition channel. And because it uses liquid BBr3 as a diffusion source, its process and maintenance are very complicated, and the equipment operating cost is extremely high, so domestic equipment manufacturers have not made a breakthrough in boron expansion equipment. LAPLACE is bold and innovative in low-pressure horizontal boron expansion equipment. It uses the horizontal release film and gaseous boron source exclusively in China. After 2 years of mass production verification by the client, this technology solves the problem of high operating cost of boron expansion process equipment in one fell swoop. , Making TOPCon mass production easier and more likely.



1. At low pressure, the molecular free path increases, reducing the turbulence of the gas and improving the diffusion uniformity and stability.

2. Horizontally placed silicon wafers have less effect on the airflow, the airflow can be transmitted farther, the effective furnace tube is longer, and the production capacity is greater

3. The silicon wafers are placed horizontally from back to back, tightly bonded, at high temperature, reduce the winding diffusion, the deformation is small, suitable for super large and thin silicon wafers.

4. Using gaseous boron source, the by-product is only powdered boron oxide, multi-stage filter element filtering, and long maintenance period of diaphragm pump. There is no need for water and gas cleaning to reduce the risk of equipment explosion. (Viscous by-products will be produced during the process of liquid boron source and deposited on the furnace door, quartz boat, quartz tube, exhaust pipe, and diaphragm pump, resulting in a life span of related parts of only 3-6 months)

5. Single tube loading capacity ≥2000 pieces, and compatible with 158.75-210.


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More than two hundred years ago, the Laplace transform invented by the scientist Laplace opened a epoch-making door for humans to solve complex mathematical problems. Now, the Laplace team is determined to become a national high-end equipment manufacturing field. The leader helps China to move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power!


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